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The Boil Water Notice Blakewood Way, Redlands Rd. and Linwood has been canceled.

Updated 12/1/17

The lab tests have all come back showing no problems. You no nonger need to boil the water for for consuming it.

Water Quality Violation Notice

The Skylonda Mutual Water Company has been cited by the State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water for distributing water containing quantities of total trihalomethanes (TTHMS) above the Maximum Contaminant Level of 80 ug/L (ug/L = ppb = parts per billion) and Haloacetic acids (HHA5s) ) above the Maximum Contaminant Level of 60 ug/L (ug/L = ppb = parts per billion) NOTE: the contaminant level is calculated based on a running annual average of quarterly samples.

TTHMs and HHA5s are byproducts resulting from the reaction of chlorine, our disinfectant agent, with natural organic and inorganic matter in the water (the agentís target). Chlorine is added to the water to remove any biological contaminants. On a quarterly basis, we monitor TTHM and HHA5 levels in our distribution system.† We use these measurements as guides for making any necessary adjustments to the means and methods of producing drinking water.

For more detailed information refer to this notice: SMWC_Q1_2017_TTHM.pdf

For Residents

Residents, please remember to submit your owner's information and response to us at:

Please do your part to conserve water during this dry year. Remember that water is a precious commodity and that conservation is essential in keeping our water supply the summer and fall.

We highly recommend that our neigbors be prepared at all times and follow home emergency guidelines by storing at least 5-8 gallons of water per person per household for water shortage emergencies for personal hygiene and for drinking/cooking. As with PG&E and for any other unexpected outages, they recommend using home power outage plans as well; stocking battery, radios, candles, flashlights, or even generators.